Zana – A Newborn Rabbit

First published 10th June, 2021 “Some ecobears have been helping to sew Zana, a newborn rabbit – made from ecofelt, hemp twine & recycled threadwaste – amongst other things they can find. Zana learns that there are some carrots growing in the vegetable garden. She quickly dashes off, only to find the carrots aren’t ready

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Baby Bear Rosa – Pomegranate Tree

First published 3rd June, 2021 “Ecobears Sunflower & Zalu are sprinkling collected rainwater on the fruit trees in the garden. Meanwhile Baby Bear Rosa has climbed up into the pomegranate tree to study its lush crimson flowers and tiny fruit. So one day these will grow up to be lovely, juicy pomegranates – several months

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Arc – Neighbour’s Potato Patch

First published 27th May, 2021 “So where exactly has ecobear Arc got to on his fact finding mission? Meanwhile ecobears Marlie & Zalu decide to check up on the recent planting of salad making goodies – such as tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and peppers – in their garden. It turns out Arc’s attention is caught by

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Two New Characters

First published 13th May, 2021 “So while some ecobears are busy indoors, cleaning using fresh lemons picked from the garden – the two new characters have sneaked away unnoticed. They don’t care that their clothes haven’t been made yet – it’s warm and sunny outside. They’ve found a top spot on the whitewashed wall to

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Marlie & Savreth – Orange Trees

First published 6th May, 2021 “While some ecobears are indoors designing new characters, Marlie & Savreth are out in the garden having fun. They are helping to cut back the orange trees, collecting many oranges along the way. It will be all paws on deck later, to help make lots of orange juice and ice

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Arc – Fig Tree Exploring

First published 29th April, 2021 “While the ecobears are settling into their new home amongst the fruit trees and mountains, Arc has wandered off to investigate his new surroundings. As his bear pals are busy planting new vegetable cuttings in the greenhouse, Arc is having fun exploring a lush fig tree on the neighbouring finca..”


First published 15th April, 2021 “At last, the ecobears finally made it home amongst the mountains and orange groves. Still lots of unpacking to do and sewing machines to set up. Lovely to have solar energy again…”