Solar Panels

First published 31st August, 2022

“The morning sky is full of bright sunshine – just as well as the #ecobears & friends have a huge task at paw. For a while they have been preparing to improve their solar energy system. Ecobears Savreth, Marlie & Berry Scout have been planning for weeks on how to undertake their project. They’ve created metal framework for the solar panels to sit in and be fixed to the roof of the house. Finally the day has come for the new panels to be fitted into place.

Meanwhile, #ecobear Baby Bear Rosa, Zana & Bree the rabbits, Whoo the owl & Tilda the hedgehog are helping to recycle the old solar panels. They still work perfectly so have been moved to another area of the roof. The friends, however, have left the specialised wiring for Savreth & Berry Scout to do. By teatime the creatures are super excited to learn that all the newly fitted panels are working together! They can’t wait to see over the next few days just how much extra solar energy they will have to run the ecobear house…”