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The Ecobears Book – Ecobears is an exciting and action packed children’s book with a message of caring for the environment and the protection of the Earth’s resources.
In a far off galaxy there is a lush and vibrant planet known as Vynen.
Ecobears are highly intelligent creatures who watch over plants and animals on planets all across the universe, protecting them from harm. They travel vast distances across space to strange worlds with unimaginable forms of life, with their only aim being the protection of endangered species (whatever they may be).
When the evil bears known as Krakkov and Dilus (The Bear Reaper) are located on a distant planet the brave Ecobears must quickly jump into action. These villains are known well on the planet Vynen and wherever they go, trouble quickly follows.
Can they protect the planet from certain destruction? Join the Ecobears in their first action packed book to find out.
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