Old Woolly

Old Woolly – Made as a thank you after being given a load of sheep’s wool. Old Woolly is a fun character One of a Kind beanie style Ecobear. His comical sheep is made from off white faux fur, with a black ultrasuede face & ears. The sheep is held in place with hemp twine

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Spanish Beanies

Spanish Beanies – 10 wheat filled eco beanies individually hand made & personalised for some Catalan teenagers. Multi coloured perle cotton was used for the names & claws.

Victoriana & Gingerbread Bear

Victoriana & Gingerbread Bear – A One of a Kind daughter bear, made in 2008, to accompany her previously made ‘parent’ bears. Vintage oatmeal hemp coat. Her outer ears, paws & boots are made from caramel coloured dense medium pile mohair. Her inner ears, paws & feet are green recycled wool & recycled acrylic. She

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Maddie – a very special One of a Kind communion bear gift for a very special young lady. Made in 2011 using beige sparse mohair for her outer ears, paws & boots. Her inner ears & paws are cream velvet fabric. She has the leaf motif on her left foot. She wears a white silk

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Birthday Bear

Birthday Bear – Close up mug shot of a birthday Bear made fro a little girl to play with. The bear has white & cream satin ribbon detail, and pale pink, bronze & cream hand embroidery.


Miia – A really cool ecopunk girl now living in Ireland. Fully poseable 14″ tall. Wild spikey pink & purple mohican. Cream faux fur paws. Black curly mohair bovver boots. She has pink & orange coloured chevron inner ears, paws & feet. Her cream hemp dress has an old skool 100% wool mini skirt attached

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Anjey – The Eccentric Artist – a fun, expressive piece to make. Her hobbies are painting, gardening & Gordon’s Gin, though not sure where she’s hidden the miniature bottle she had. Different coloured pieces of mohair were used for her ears, paws & feet. She has a multi coloured nose & freckles. She wears a

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Tilly – This tennis pro bear was loads of fun to create in 2009. She is a 12″ One of a Kind. She has white faux fur ears, paws & boots. Her inner ears & paws are 50% recycled wool/45% recycled acrylic. She wears a white silk tennis dress, and has her own intricately hand

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Millie – Was designed as a young lady’s communion gift in 2011. She is a stunning 8.25″ tall collectible piece. She has sparse cream mohair outer ears & paws, with cream velvet ear & paw trim, and pink feet. She’s hand embroidered with matching lilac & pink perle cotton. Her dress is made from white

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Travelling Ecobear

Travelling Ecobear – Travelling Ecobears are available in the Bears for All store. This picture gives a back view of the 8.5″ tall bear, carrying his hemp/organic cotton ecosac. Inside the bag there is a small recycled cotton picnic blanket too. A spontaneous travelling companion.