Summer Harvest

First published 13th July, 2022

“Today is a very hot day indeed! Despite the heat, the ecobears & creature friends are keeping cool by drinking plenty of water. Ecobear Berry Scout has been busy helping Marlie, Zana the rabbit & Tilda the hedgehog harvest lots of fruit and vegetables from the garden. Their haul so far includes tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers, peas, aubergines, courgettes, sunflower seeds and sweetcorn. Other fruit and vegetables will be ready for harvesting over the next few weeks. Ecobear Savreth is in the kitchen with Baby Bear Rosa – showing her how to preserve small onions in vinegar for wintertime. Baby Bear Rosa is also learning how to sun dry tomatoes – she’s been having lots of fun processing the tomatoes and getting the next ones ready for drying. This should keep Baby Bear Rosa busy over summertime!

Meanwhile, ecobear Sunflower is on a mission to find Whoo the owl. He has disappeared with Molly owl, a new resident at the ecobear house. Molly & Whoo have been inseparable since Molly’s recent arrival. Sunflower finally spots them underneath the honeysuckle arch – chatting away merrily. The owls tell her that they had flown down to the river earlier today. On their way back they saw the most beautiful fruit tree, laden with lush green and red pears – on a neighbour’s finca. Whoo then explains to Sunflower that they have arranged to swap cucumbers and tomatoes for some pears – and their neighbour has happily agreed!”