Meet the Ecobears

Berry Scout is Master Dante’s assistant. He has recently began working for the great wizard, who is training him as a future bearonaut. He is lively, bright and brave and a certain star of the future.

Master Dante is one of the oldest and wisest ecobears on the planet Vynen. He is a powerful wizard and an advisor to the crew of bearonauts. He is one of a group of ‘Elders’ on Vynen who watch over the whole planet and the ecobears.

Hyred is the most famous ecobear on Vynen. He is an experienced warrior and the leader of the bearonauts. He is almost three times larger than any other ecobear and far stronger. A legend who is loved by ecobears everywhere.

Faz is a third generation mechanic. He is responsible for keeping the Echameleon spaceship running smoothly. He is the life and soul of the ecobear crew and likes to make his fellow bearonauts laugh wherever possible. The happy bear of the bunch.

Savreth is by far the most intelligent bear in ecobear history. He is the ship’s Navigational Officer and is responsible for guiding the huge Echameleon space-ship through the universe. He controls the vast ship on his own.

Marlie is one of the most intelligent ecobears on Vynen. She is a Vyne tree expert and the Medical Officer on board the Echameleon spaceship. After training under Master Dante for several years she has picked up much of his great wisdom.

Taggs is a brave and talented warrior. He is responsible for the Echameleon’s weapons systems. Taggs has a long running grudge with Krakkov after a fight many years ago. Brave, reckless and always the first to jump to defend.

Krakkov is a former ecobear who was banished from the planet Vynen for not following the bears’ code. He is a talented warrior and ruthless military leader. He once trained by Hyred’s side, and has a personal grudge against Taggs.

Dilus (aka The Bear Reaper) is the most feared bear in ecobear history. The evil bear is ruthless with all those who defy him. He travels through space looking for planets that support trees so he can steal them and sell the wood for profit. Wood being one of the most rare & valuable materials in the universe.

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