Arc Says Goodbye

First published 10th June, 2022

“The sun is shining high in the sky and the summer heat is almost here. There has been lots of activity around both the vegetable garden and the orchard. The ecobears and friends have been making sure all the plants, trees and flowers are given plenty of water at this time of year. The pea, pepper and tomato plants have been made bamboo cane supports – to help them grow tall and strong. Ecobears Savreth & Marlie have been busy making raised beds for their strawberry and herb plants to thrive. It took the two bears ages to decide where to put them! Finally, the recycled circular beds were given a new home next to the mint and raspberry bushes – then filled with compost and soil.

Meanwhile, today is the day ecobear Arc says goodbye to his friends at the house. He’s been with them over a year now – sharing lots of eco adventures and fun times. Baby Bear Rosa, Zana & Bree the rabbits, Tilda the hedgehog & Whoo the owl are with him in the garden – hugging and saying their farewells. The group are sad because they will miss Arc, with his wisdom and practical ways. But so too they are happy for him to be heading off to live with his new family. Together they will forge many more eco adventures..”