First published 24th February, 2022

“It’s a glorious, sunny day and ecobears Marlie & Baby Bear Rosa have gone for a walk to the river. They have taken their friends Tilda the hedgehog & Bree the rabbit to have a splash around by the water’s edge. While there they watch little white egret birds – swooping out of the sky towards the water, hunting for food. Despite the sunshine today, the river temperature is exceptionally cold! On the way home the bears and friends have planned to collect oranges from their neighbour’s finca – to freshly squeeze and replenish their juice stocks later on.

Meanwhile, ecobear Savreth is with Arc & Berry Scout travelling to the nearby town. They hope to find a special tool called a rotavator. It is required for some of their garden activities. It is essential to prepare the soil in the vegetable garden at this time of year. The rotavator will be used to break up, churn and aerate the soil. Then the creatures will be able to plant their seeds into the freshly tilled earth..”