Bird Baths

First published 30th March, 2022

“Finally, after days upon days of endless rain ecobears Marlie, Savreth & Berry Scout are out in the garden. They are investigating how all the plants and trees are fairing. As there has been so much rainfall it’s made the soil very soggy indeed! Good job the group are wearing their wellington boots. Despite this, all three bears are truly excited to see new shoots, leaves and pretty, pale blossom forming on the plants and trees around the garden.

Meanwhile, ecobear Arc is with Bree the rabbit & Tilda the hedgehog outside the house by the canal. They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new friend. The recent rains have created huge puddles along the dirt track, and the friends are amused watching tiny birds jumping and flapping their wings in the water. The newly formed ‘bird baths’ will help the flying creatures keep their feathers in tip top condition. Talking of birds, Baby Bear Rosa is first to meet Whoo the owl in the garden – where the new feathered friend has arrived, high up in one of the almond trees…”