“Earlier today there have been howling winds and swirling dust storms – creating rippling waves along the canal water’s surface. As leaves blow horizontally past the windows, ecobear Marlie is with Sunflower & Berry Scout indoors – not at all impressed with the tormenting weather conditions taking place. Instead they are having fun in the kitchen – making aromatic popcorn and baking pecan nut cookies.

Meanwhile, ecobears Arc & Baby Bear Rosa have crazily ventured out into the garden, with the two rabbits Bree & Zana. They have decided to go kite flying – that is until Baby Bear Rosa lifts off the ground with her kite and nearly blows away! Thankfully Arc grabs one of her paws before she gets too high up. Whoo the owl, who is nearby watching events unfold, flies towards the tiny bear – helping to catch her before it’s too late. Back on firm ground Baby Bear Rosa, though grateful to her friends, seems visibly upset. She has lost her kite! She promptly sets off to find it, only returning sometime later…..without her kite, but with a new friend from nature – a swallowtail butterfly…”