Bees in Trees

First published 13th April, 2022

“Today is a gloriously bright day and ecobears Arc, Marlie & Berry Scout are busy outdoors. One of their tasks is to clean all the solar panels on the roof of the house. The panels have got covered with dust, dirt and leaves from the winter weather. For cleaning they use soapy water, soft sponges and clean water. The bears’ efforts will help the solar panels to be much more efficient in collecting energy from the sun. Berry Scout also makes sure the little solar lights in the garden are cleaned too.

Meanwhile, ecobear Baby Bear Rosa has gone for a walk with Tilda the hedgehog – Whoo the owl joins them, flying alongside. They are enjoying seeing the countryside springing back to life! The aroma of delicate scented flowers fills the air. Whoo spots a nearby pear tree, cascading with beautiful blossom. He helps his two friends climb up to the top. While there the creatures are amazed at the numerous honeybees – humming and buzzing busily around them in the fruit tree. The little insects are pollinating – a process that allows plants and trees to reproduce fruit and seeds. This tree is one of many well visited by the bees as its flowers bloom..”