Wind & Pecans

First published 4th November, 2021

“It’s a windy, blustery day and ecobears Arc, Sunflower & Berry Scout are in the garden. They are trying their best to tidy up all the dead leaves that have fallen from the trees. They are laughing so much because the wind is swirling the leaves back onto the ground from the piles they have made. But the sun is shining and the friends are having fun – so they don’t really care about the mess!

Meanwhile, ecobear baby Bear Rosa is with Marlie & Savreth walking in the countryside. They are on the hunt for edible field mushrooms. The bears spotted some recently, but realise they could be too late as the mushrooms don’t last long at all. They hope to find more that are fresh and ready to forage. Baby Bear Rosa is giggling as the group are walking under a pecan nut tree. The wind is so blustery and strong, it’s blowing nuts off some of the branches – nearly hitting the bears on their heads! Waste not want not, as all three begin collecting the fallen pecans…”