Wood Woof

First published 28th October, 2021

“It’s a cloudy day today and ecobears Arc & Berry Scout, Tilda the hedgehog & Zana the rabbit are in the garden undertaking a huge task. They have been busy bees cutting so much wood off the trees recently, to help make them grow back stronger next year. All the wood is being divided into piles for firewood – depending on the size of the branches and twigs. It will then be stored separately and will last the bears through this coming winter, well into next year.

Meanwhile, ecobear Marlie is with Savreth in another part of the garden, checking the orange and lemon trees for new fruit. Marlie hears a rustling sound outside across the other side of the canal – and goes to investigate. She sees a black dog hovering, ready to jump into the water. By now Savreth is with her. In no time the dog has jumped into the canal and is being carried downstream by the current. Savreth runs alongside the canal to try and catch up with the dog, realising the dog won’t be able to get back out of the water by himself. The dog by now is panicking and gasping for air. Savreth encourages the dog to the edge of the canal and manages to grab his yellow collar and pull him out of the water – just in time! The dog shakes himself off, begins to calm down – then is on his way…”