First published 11th November, 2021

“There is a sprinkling of rain today. However this doesn’t stop ecobears Arc & Berry Scout from being out and about, investigating their surroundings. The two bears have recently spotted a very tall date palm tree – at least 25 feet tall! It’s showing clusters of yellowy orange dates, that are not quite ripe yet. Arc & Berry Scout are also curious to notice there has been lots of activity in the countryside. It seems some of the clementines and tangerines have been harvested. People have been very busy from early morning, collecting ripe fruits and putting them into large crates. The crates are then transported with tractors and trailers to the local warehouse.

Meanwhile, ecobear Marlie is with Zana the rabbit, Tilda the hedgehog & their new friend, Ella. They are in the garden sheltering under the huge walnut tree, from the tiny trickling raindrops – watching a beautiful rainbow. They have just finished a picnic and now it is time for Ella to leave the house, setting off on her travels to a new and distant country. She promises she will stay in touch with her creature friends – to share stories of her adventures..”