Leaf Races

First published 2nd December, 2021

“The wind is so blustery and gusty it’s blowing full trees of leaves up into the sky – cascading back down across the countryside! Ecobears Berry Scout, Baby Bear Rosa & Zana the rabbit have found their spot beside the canal, as leaves sweep by. They are first to arrive for the dragonfly leaf races, that are finally taking place today. Soon, both canal side will be packed with local creature onlookers ready to cheer on their favourites – either the red or the blue dragonflies. There will be a variety of different shaped and coloured leaves in use as boating vessels, racing along in the water.

Meanwhile, Savreth is in the vegetable garden with Arc & Tilda the hedgehog. Tilda has a question: what is the difference between dirt and soil? Savreth explains to her that dirt is not alive and can consist of sand, silt, clay and it may be rocky. Soil, however, is an ecosystem made up of minerals, nutrients and living organisms – all of which support the life of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers in a garden..”