First published 9th December, 2021

“It’s a bright, sunny morning and ecobear Baby Bear Rosa is so excited – JJ the monkey has finally arrived at the house. Straight away they both go out to play among the surrounding orange groves. JJ is really surprised at how many trees there are to cartwheel and somersault around. Baby Bear Rosa can’t help but giggle as she watches her new, brightly coloured friend flying and tumbling through the air. As JJ flies across from one place to another, scores of birds scatter upwards from the fruit trees. The tiny brown tree sparrows look ever so surprised at having their peace and quiets audaciously interrupted!

Meanwhile, ecobears Arc & Berry Scout are in the garden with Zana the rabbit & Tilda the hedgehog. The creatures are laughing while staring up into the sky. They’re playing one of their favourite games – Cloudshapes. They take it in turns to spot various shaped objects in the fluffy cloud formations. So far there has been a dog, a bear, a hippopotamus, an owl a fox and an angel. Zana the rabbit asks a question: Can you touch a cloud? Arc explains that clouds look like they are fluffy and can be played with. However, they are made up of trillions of cloud droplets – in other words, very tiny particles of water. If you could touch them they would just feel a little wet.”