First published 28th January, 2022

“It’s a bright, cloudless day and ecobear Arc is with Berry Scout & Zana the rabbit as they head towards the canal. It’s recently been emptied of all its water, ready for cleaning. Small puddles can be seen on the base, some of which contain tiny fish left behind. The three friends are now collecting the abandoned fish into buckets – ready for taking down to the river to be released again.

Meanwhile, ecobears Marlie, Savreth & Baby Bear Rosa are on a trek up into the nearby mountains. They are visiting a friend who has two large donkeys called Pino & Luca. Pino is caramel brown and Luca is a darker chocolate brown in colour. Both have pale bellies and white around their muzzles. The ecobears’ mission is to collect some donkey poo. It’s apparently good for the garden’s compost heap – as it contains a great deal of organic matter and plentiful nutrients. It will have be composted for several weeks before it’s tilled into the vegetable garden..”