Beach Trip

First published 3rd February, 2022

“There is a lovely spring feeling in the air today. Ecobears Marlie, Savreth & Arc are busy in the garden – tidying up and making preparations for future vegetable growing. Already in the greenhouse there are little broad bean shoots, ready for potting up. The three bears are also sifting through their collection of saved seeds – discussing when and where they will be planted in the vegetable garden.

Meanwhile, ecobear Baby Bear Rosa, Zana the rabbit & Tilda the hedgehog have headed off to a nearby beach – travelling through picturesque mountains along the way. Baby Bear Rosa’s face lights up with a huge smile as she’s first to spot the sea! The three are on a mission to find suitable driftwood for their latest recycling project – to make a boat just big enough to use on the river. Maybe the creatures will be able to sail all the way to the coastal beaches too! Before they look for driftwood though, they have lots of fun climbing over the rocks next to the sea…’