First published 10th February, 2022

The pale blue sky is peaceful today, as white fluffy clouds float lazily by. Ecobear Baby Bear Rosa is with Zana the rabbit by the side of the canal and is excited about two things. Firstly, she is meeting Zana’s brother, Bree, at long last! She loves it when new friends come to stay at the house. Secondly, Baby Bear Rosa is adoring seeing the canal full of fresh, clean water again – brought down from the snowy mountain tops. This means some can be collected and stored – ready for helping the plants and trees to grow in the garden this year.

Meanwhile, ecobears Arc & Berry Scout are with Tilda the hedgehog in the garden behind the back of the house. The three are busy making up tins of recycled fence paint. Arc is showing Berry Scout & Tilda how to mix old, used oil from garden machinery, with part pots of varnish, saved over time. This new mixture is in preparation for the friends’ springtime painting spree – to bring back to life the weather worn wooden fences in the garden..”