Cat Rescue

First published 13th January, 2022

“There is a thin layer of frosty dew across the countryside – shimmering in the sunshine. Ecobear Marlie is in the garden with Tilda the hedgehog – they are admiring the new things that are growing at the moment. The two have spotted several baby yellow daffodils, peeking their heads well up above the soil. Marlie & Tilda are amazed by the pale pink and white almond blossom, as well as gently humming bees attracted to its aromatic flowers.

Meanwhile, ecobears Arc, Berry Scout, Baby Bear Rosa & Zana the rabbit are walking home from their friend’s orchard – where they have been helping to harvest lots of ripe, bright orange tangerines. Suddenly, Arc hears a faint miaowing sound of an animal in distress. As the group nears a huge old olive tree, they spot a young ginger and white cat – two thirds of the way up. The poor thing is clinging on to a long, swaying branch. There is no way the friends can get to the tree, so they call and shout encouragement to the stressed creature. Slowly but surely the frustrated cat gathers confidence to slide down onto a lower level branch, then another – miaowing all the way to the base of the thick trunk. The friends continue shouting encouragement to the little cat, until they know all its four paws are back on the ground..”