Puddle Splashing

First published 6th January, 2022

“Today is a holiday and bells are chiming in the distance, coming from the local village. Ecobear Baby Bear Rosa is in the vegetable garden with Savreth. They are collecting ripened produce, ready to use in the kitchen later this afternoon. So far the two bears have harvested broccoli, leeks, cauliflower and onions.

Meanwhile, ecobears Berry Scout and Arc are playing with Zana the rabbit & Tilda the hedgehog outside the garden on the dirt track. A downpour of rain last night has created huge puddles here and there. The creatures are having so much fun splishing and sploshing in the water! They are laughing and giggling as all are sporting their brand new wellington boots. Soon the other bears will join them – it is, after all, a very special holiday for the friends to enjoy playing outdoors in the sunshine…”