Trains, Planes, Weddings & Bears

Well, it has to be said our latest trip to the UK was pretty nerve jangling and full-on to say the least.  It all began with a simple train journey from our home town of Flix to Barcelona – about two & a half hours in total. The plan was to have a relaxing night

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History of Ecobears

Ecobears began life on February 29th 1996, as a combination of two passions: soft-toymaking and environmental interest. In 1993 a man named John Parkinson made fabrics that mixed hemp with mungo (wool fibres obtained from cloth), and shoddy (shredded pieces of old cloth) from a company in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, England.  The hemp was grown

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Just in Time for Christmas

So – at last, at long, long last – it’s finally arrived.  A moment of eternally awaited anticipation, of endless patience and belief that ‘one day’, yes ‘one day’ it will happen. It began all of twelve years ago; the idea for an ‘Ecobears’ children’s book.  It was so obvious back then.  It all made

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Teddy Bear Beginnings

Over 100 years prior to the conception of Ecobears the Teddy Bear was born as a result of political satire. In 1902 the Governor of Mississippi invited President Theodore Roosevelt on a hunting trip, while the President was on a trip to settle a border dispute with Louisiana.  Mr. Roosevelt, an avid sportsman, accepted.  While

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Brand new Ecobears website

The brand new Ecobears website is now live. There’s lots for you to see including previews of the book, photos, character profiles and more. You can get your copy of the book from any good retailer.

The Ecobears… Coming Soon!

The Ecobears is a brand new book for children, by David Sterricker & Yvonne Jane Wright. Illustrated by UK illustrator, Calvin Innes. Due for release in late 2011 by My Little Big Town. More details will follow shortly including details on how to pre-order your copy of the book.