Dragonfly Rescue

First published 16th September, 2021

“Ecobear Blue is saying goodbye to some of his friends in the garden – Arc, Berry Scout & Zana the rabbit. He has had a short visit and is now returning back to his home in a village, several miles across the mountains.

Meanwhile, ecobears Marlie & Savreth are taking Tilda the hedgehog with them to a nearby finca, where they will be helping their neighbours harvest an abundance of ripe, purple figs. Along the way, Tilda spots a silvery blue dragonfly on the ground in front of her. Upon closer inspection she realises the dragonfly’s legs are stuck onto a small leafy plant. Tilda manages to gently prise the dragonfly off the sticky plant. Briefly, the dragonfly rests on Tilda’s paw – allowing her to study its beautiful, glittering and shining wings. Then, in the blink of an eye, the ancient insect disappears across the water..”